The Best Travel Apps 2020

We all know that apps can become very handy while traveling. Some apps can even be lifesavers. For instance, using google maps to find your way when lost in a foreign land, checking the weather, or even finding the best accommodation for the night.

With the rapid growth of the internet, it is approximated that there are about 4.8 billion internet users in 2020 alone. What do these numbers mean? That it is highly likely to get any app you can think of.

Good news right? Not really. With thousands of apps available on both Google Play Store and Apple App store, it can be very frustrating to find the best app you need.

Most of the apps you will find on both platforms are Good, some are fair while others are waste of time. In this article I will be sharing 10 of The Best Travel Apps of 2020, both free and paid that you can use on your upcoming trip.


1. TripIt

Packed with features that give you a leg up on changes and help you make the most of all your trips. All you have to do is simply forward your confirmation emails to [email protected] and, in a matter of seconds, TripIt will create a master itinerary for every trip. Now you can easily view all your upcoming plans at once.

Need a reminder when it’s time to leave for the airport? Not sure where to eat at the airport or near your hotel? TripIt has you covered. The pro version offers extra features like finding you alternative routes for when your flights get canceled, as well as send you automatic notifications from airlines about flight delays, cancellations, and more.

If you travel more often then this is the right app for you

TripIt is available for iOS and Android.


2. Lounge Buddy

I don’t know about you, but having to be laid over for hours on end means you might need to find someplace to lounge, rest and recover.

No matter if you are traveling for business or leisure, lounge access can help you make the most of your airport experience. Have you ever been stuck in an airport with no clue of where to pass time? Or end up in some uncomfortable lounge? If yes then you know what this app can mean.

With LoungeBuddy, all travelers can access any of the lounges in their network — no memberships, elite statuses, or first-class tickets required.  Once you register as a member, you can get to enjoy all-inclusive amenities inside the lounge instead of purchasing them individually for a higher cost in the terminal.

Lounge Buddy is currently available for iOS.


3. Kayak

No one can beat Kayak’s search engine. KAYAK searches hundreds of other travel sites at once to find the information you need to make the right decisions on flights, hotels & car hires.

KAYAK is available for iOS and Android


 4 Couchsurfing

If you’re traveling on a tight budget and you are looking to lower your accommodation costs and meet locals while at it, then this is the app for you. Couchsurfing lets you connect with locals who have space in their home for travelers to stay for free.

By getting hosted with a local, you’ll get a unique opportunity to learn more about your destination from someone who actually lives there. You also get t to learn about different cultures and share world experiences.

Couchsurfing is available for iOS and Android, you can also sign up at


5. Airbnb

Airbnb is a peer to peer service that lets homeowners rent out individual rooms, villas, or an entire apartment to guests. Airbnb is one of the most popular and favorite methods of finding accommodation.

You can communicate with your host through an inbuild messaging feature. There is no much difference compared to the web version.

Airbnb is available for both iOS and Android.


6. Skyscanner

Skyscanner compares cheap flights, hotels, and car hire from more providers than anyone else. You can simply find great deals with Skyscanner for your next trip.

Skyscanner works in the same way as other flight search engines.  It scans all the major industry players and helps you find the best value for your money.

Skyscanner is available on iPhone and Android.


Google Translate

This might seem obvious but Google translate is one of the most used translation tools. Just type or speak out the word and Google translate will auto-detect the original language and translate it to your preferred language of choice.

Google translate is available for iPhone and  Android


Packing Pro

We all know how hard it can be when packing for a vacation, what to bring, and whatnot. This is where Packing Pro comes into play.

Packing Pro is ideal for families who need to create multi-person packing lists. Users can set reminders to pack certain items and upload photos so you know exactly which items you have in mind. You need to pack your black shoe, and not any black shoe will do — it has to be the right one.

There is an option to select food prep options to remind yourself to bring your favorite snacks. After your list is generated, Packing pro will sync it to your iCloud where it can be easily accessible.

Packing Pro is only available on iPhone iOS

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is an easy travel expense tracker.  The app allows you to organize your expenses by trip or by month, just set a daily budget and add all your expenses. Add any bill you receive through the Quick Add screen and you’re good to go, your expense has been registered.

Trail Wallet is available for iOS.

Final Word

The above travel apps are some of The Best Travel Apps of 2020 – IN MY PERSONAL OPINION.

What about you, what are your favorite apps for travel? Is there an app you should’ve been on this list? Let me know in the comment section below. Happy traveling!



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