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My wife and I were thrilled to be visiting Diani for the first time this year! Most people are familiar with Diani’s huge white sandy beaches, hotels, and apartments. There really is a lot to discover.

Our first thought was to get an apartment, and not just any apartment. We wanted total control over our entire stay, from what to eat, when to eat, cooking our own food, and feeling like we were at home while on vacation.

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, then you must know how easily the commercial environment can be boring.

After hunting for the finest locations to stay in Diani, we came upon this magnificent opulent apartment near the beach; in fact, it is only a 5-minute walk from Diani beach, which was ideal for us.

When we discovered Amani Luxury Apartments online, we immediately knew this was the place we wanted to spend our weekend.


Amani Luxury Apartments is located in Diani Beach, Kwale county. It takes roughly one hour to travel from Mombasa County via the Likoni Channel.  Ukunda AirStrip is an alternative option for out-of-town visitors.


We arrived in Ukunda town at 12 p.m. and immediately got a tuk-tuk (tricycle) to the luxury apartments.

Most of the time, what I find fascinating about tuk-tuks is the unique opportunity to see the scenery around you while riding. Diani is undeniably lovely, not only because of the beach but also because of the lush vegetation.

Almost all of the time, I had my head out of the tuk-tuk merely to inhale the dewy freshness of the mild breeze.  There’s also a colobus monkey reserve near Amani Luxury Apartments, and if you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to see a troop of these magnificent creatures.

The Rooms

After a quick check-in, we proceeded to our two-bedroom suite on the second floor. In my opinion, one of the factors that establish a place’s reputation is the check-in process. Who wants to spend 30 minutes at the front desk waiting to be let out so they may enjoy their stay?

A great staff escorted us to our room and made sure we got everything we needed. The living room, with its huge glass doors leading to the balcony and galana tiled floors that gave the flat a natural finish, was the first aspect of the house that I admired.

The living area was large, stretching all the way to an open American-style kitchenette



The bedrooms were all master suites with en suite bathrooms. It was also quite spacious, though not as big as the living room.

The beds in both rooms were of the Swahili type. liked how the rooms included an air conditioner for extra comfort. Believe me when I say Diani can get extremely hot.

Each bedroom includes a wardrobe for keeping your belongings. There were bathrobes, slippers, an iron, and a hairdryer inside the wardrobe.

An ironing board and a laundry bucket were also provided.


Another appealing feature was the furniture, which included sleek red sofas arranged around the living room, a wooden table in the center, and snake plants emerging from a large flat flower pot.

There was a flat-screen television mounted on the wall, as well as a cable and a music system.  Considering the tropical temperatures of Diani, all rooms were air-conditioned.


The kitchen was also fully equipped, not just metaphorically. An oven with a top stove, a refrigerator, a coffee machine, cutlery, pots, and dining sets have been provided.  A washing machine was placed outside the kitchen balcony.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was stunning, with a modern twist! There was a sink and a showerhead.

There was really no bathtub (sorry guys). The toiletries were excellent and included body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and shower caps.

Everything was designed at a high level of quality. There was also a restroom adjacent to the living room.

Swimming Pool

Amani Luxury Apartments’ swimming pool was one of the coolest things around. There is only one swimming pool on the property, but it is all you will ever need.

I enjoyed how the pool was positioned between the tropical garden and directly outside the apartments. Sunbeds and towels were freely accessible, as were pool seats and tables for relaxing and sipping a drink alongside the water.

The depth of the pool varied, with the deepest point being in the center. When it comes to ranking swimming pools, I usually consider this to be a win.


Our two-day stay at Amani Luxury Apartments was fantastic! This is more of a commercial property, but it also has a lot of luxury characteristics.

Its convenient location, excellent and courteous service, and reasonable rates make it an excellent choice when looking for an apartment in Diani Beach.

Overall, I would suggest Amani Luxury Apartments and would be pleased to return.

Vote of  thanks

We would like to express our gratitude to the management of Amani Luxury Apartments for providing us with their lovely property during our stay in Diani Beach, Kenya.

We would also like to thank the personnel for making our stay so pleasant.

The security officers were quite friendly and provided us with all of the information we required before leaving the compound.

Last but not least, the housekeeper was quite helpful in ensuring that our rooms were spotless.

Oh, and if you’re going to be traveling soon, please read this advice on How To Travel Lightly.

Cheers and safe travel!



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Based on our two nights at Amani Luxury Apartments, we believe it is deserving of an 7/10. It is highly recommended by us.
Based on our two nights at Amani Luxury Apartments, we believe it is deserving of an 7/10. It is highly recommended by us.
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    8/10 Very good
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    8/10 Very good
  • Cleanliness
    7/10 Good
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