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Amani Luxury Apartments – Diani Beach

Diani beach

Best Place To Stay In Diani Beach

My wife and I were truly excited to visit Diani for the first time this year! Most will know that Diani is well known for its large white sandy beaches, hotels, and apartments. Plenty for one to explore.

Our first thought was getting an apartment, but just not any other apartment. We wanted to have full control of our entire stay, from what to eat, when to eat, make our own food and feel like we are at our own house while being on vacation.

If you have stayed in hotels then you know it can get boring so fast from all the commercial feeling that comes with Hotels.

After scouting for the best places to stay in Diani, we bumped onto this beautiful luxurious apartment just close to the beach, actually, it is a 5 minutes walk to the beach which was ideal for us. We immediately knew that Amani Luxury Apartments was where we would spend our weekend when we saw the apartment online.


Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

Amani Luxury Apartments is located in Diani, South Coast, Kwale county. It is approximately 1 hr from Mombasa County through the Likoni Chanel. For out of town guests, Ukunda AirStrip is an alternate option.


Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

We arrived at Ukunda town at around 12 noon, then took a tuk-tuk (tricycle) that promptly drove us straight to the luxury apartments. What I find fascinating about tuk-tuks most of the time, is the unique opportunity to enjoy the scenarios around you while riding. Diani is undoubtfully beautiful, not just because of the beach but also the green vegetation.

I had my head out the tuk-tuk most of the time just to smell the dewy freshness of the gentle breeze. There is a colobus monkey reserve near Amani Luxury Apartments and if you are lucky enough, then you‘ll get to spot a troop of these magnificent animals.

The Rooms

Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

After a smooth check-in, it was time to visit our two-bedroom suite on the 2nd floor. The Check-in process in my opinion is one of the things that determine a place’s reputation. I mean, who wants to spend 30 minutes at the front desk waiting to be released to go enjoy their stay?

We were ushered into our room by a wonderful staff who made sure we had everything we needed. The first aspect of the property I enjoyed was the living room, with its large glass doors that led to the balcony and galana tiled floors that gave the apartment this natural finishing. The living room was huge enough and extended all the way to an open American-style kitchen.


Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

The bedrooms were master ensuite. Quite spacious as well, not much like the living room, but spacious enough. Both rooms had a comfortable Swahili-type bed. I liked the fact that the rooms had an Air Conditioner for added comfort. Trust me, it can get really hot in Diani. The bedrooms featured a wardrobe to keep your luggage. Inside the wardrobe, there were bathrobes, slippers, an iron, and a hair-dryer. There was also an ironing board and a laundry basket.


Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

The selection of the furniture was another captivating point, modern red sofas sat around the living room, a handcrafted table at the center, with snake plants growing from a big flat flower pot. There was a flat-screen tv mounted on the wall, cable, and music system.  All rooms were air-conditioned, given the tropical temperatures in Diani.


Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

The kitchen was fully equipped too, not just in words. There was an oven with a top cooker, a refrigerator, a coffee machine, cutleries, pots, and dining sets. Outside the kitchen balcony, there was a washing machine for laundry.

Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani BeachAmani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

The Bathroom

Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

The bathroom was exquisite with a modern touch! There was a showerhead and a sink. It didn’t have a bathtub. The toiletries were of great quality and included body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower caps. There was a sense of quality in its construction.

There was also another bathroom next to the living room. All in all, this suite felt a bit more like a high-end serviced apartment than a standard hotel, a place I could spend a lot of time.


Swimming Pool

Amani Luxury Apartments - Diani Beach

The swimming pool at Amani Luxury Apartments is one of the coolest things around. The property has only one swimming pool, but it’s all you’ll ever need. I personally liked the position of the pool, it was in between the tropical garden and right outside the apartments.

Sunbeds and towels were readily available, there were also pool seats and tables in case you want to relax and have a drink beside the waters. The pool had different depths, with the middle point being the deepest. I always find this to be a plus when it comes to rating swimming pools.


Our two-day stay at Amani Luxury Apartments was very enjoyable! This is indeed more of a business property, but I found it to have many luxury elements as well.

Its convenient location, great and friendly service help make it a very solid choice when looking for an apartment in Diani beach.  All in all, I would recommend and be delighted to return to Amani Luxury Apartments.

Vote of  thanks

We would like to thank the management of Amani Luxury apartments for offering us their beautiful property during our stay in Diani Beach, Kenya. We also appreciate the staff for making our stay comfortable and enjoyable.

The security guards were very helpful and provided us the necessary information we needed while going out. Last but not least, the housekeeper was also very helpful and she made sure our rooms were clean.

Oh, and if you are planning on traveling anytime soon – please check out this guide on How To Travel Lightly. Cheers and happy traveling!


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Based on our two nights stay at Amani Luxury Apartments, we are convinced that this place deserves a solid 8/10. We highly recommend it.
Based on our two nights stay at Amani Luxury Apartments, we are convinced that this place deserves a solid 8/10. We highly recommend it.
Total Score
  • Value
    9/10 Amazing
  • Convinience
    8/10 Very good
  • Cleanliness
    7/10 Good
  • Services
    8/10 Very good

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