5 Cheap Airbnb in Diani Beach Kenya

In my previous post, I listed the top ten Airbnbs in Watamu. Today I’m going to share with you 5 Cheap Airbnb in Diani Beach, Kenya, the land of beautiful sandy beaches.

Diani Beach provides a diverse choice of experiences and activities that will leave you wanting more, and the experience is similar whether you stay in a beach hotel or rent an Airbnb.

Here are the 5 Best Cheap Airbnbs in Diani Beach, Kenya to help you pick a rental for your next visit.

1.Flamboyant Bed & Breakfast

Opening up the list is this property placed in on one of the most beautiful stretches of Diani Beach and is in close proximity to various amenities including restaurants, coffee shops & supermarkets.

The property has ten bedrooms that make the atmosphere feel very personal. Apart from the beautiful sea view, the property boasts of a big swimming pool which is perfect for a refreshing afternoon swim.

Price Ranges from

2 Aqua Resort Apartments

This property boasts of 24 seafront apartments (only 150 mt) with each apartment having an ocean view. Sounds cool right?

That’s not even all, the furniture at Aqua apartments is entirely hand-carved giving them a modern design combined with the taste of local materials.

The bedrooms are quite huge with air conditioning and a ceiling fan. This Airbnb comes with free breakfast.

Price Ranges from $68/Night. Like this place? Book Here.

3 Diani Place

Located along Diani Beach Road, in Diani opposite the Forty Thieves Beach Bar makes this property an ideal pick.

The style of the apartment is a harmonious mixture of modern day luxury and traditional Swahili culture to remind you are on the Kenyan Coast.

The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen that includes a cooker, fridge, microwave, electric kettle, coffee maker, toaster, cutlery, and in-built cupboards.

Price Ranges from

4 Rosa Mystica Apartment

This beautiful apartment has a private bedroom en-suite with a view of the swimming pool from your balcony. The bedroom is quite spacious fitted with AC free WiFi.

The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven and microwave.

5 Sophia Baharani

This property offers a one-bedroom space with a balcony. A swimming pool with beach beds and an equipped kitchen.

The interiors are really beautiful with a touch of Swahili culture and architecture.

I’d love to hear if you end up staying in one of these Airbnbs in Diani Beach — or if you’ve found any spectacular stays in Diani Beach and want to share!

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Cheers and Happy Travel.



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