10 Things You Should Never Pack for Vacation

Knowing what to pack can be extremely helpful not only to travel light but also to reduce costs and stay safe. Most of the time we tend to pack without a plan and end up carrying stuff we might never use. As a traveler, it is always important to know what to and what not to carry. Here are 10 things you should never pack for vacation.

1. Jewelry and Valuables

Jewelry and Valuables are unnecessary items to be carrying and which you might rarely use on your trip. Apart from being unnecessary, these are things you can easily lose.

Expensive items like diamond rings/earrings/necklace or your Rolex watch should be left at home. Looking flamboyant as a tourist can easily make you a target for thieves.

2. Anything irreplaceable

Never carry anything that can not be replaced. Things such as gifts, souvenirs, memorial items, etc. No matter how careful you might be, you shouldn’t take the risk. After all, why lose something precious and irreplaceable when you can leave it behind for a few weeks?

3. Heavy Camera Gears

Do not bring those big lenses and cameras unless you are a professional photographer, most of the time you will only need to use your cellphone, point and shoot camera, or your regular DSLR lens/camera.

Unless you’re doing wildlife photography, it is rare that those 200-300mm zoom lenses will be an indispensable item.

4. Wine

Wine, liqueur, or anything tasty and breakable should not be packed. Liquids larger than 3.4 ounces won’t be allowed through security in a carry-on but putting it in a checked-bag is a dicey proposition, too. Even the most carefully packed bottles can easily break. If it’s a must to carry, like a gift or souvenir, then ship it. There’s no need to take the risk.

5. Pillow

Do not bring a pillow. I am serious. Even though they may not be heavypillows tend to take lot of space. Most of the timeairlines and trains will offer pillows for free to use during your flight. Hotels also provide pillows in rooms. If one isn’t provided, you can always wrap your jacket or some other clothes to make a nice pillow.

6. More than one book.

Reading can be a great thing to do while traveling or sitting in your hotel room, but due to weight and space concerns, it is advisable to not carry more than one reading material. If it is a must to carry multiple books then use electronic versions like pdfs or ebooks. Electronic gadgets like iPads Kindle or even your smartphone are not only light and thin but can be very useful and handy; a single device can hold an entire library.

7. Too many shoes

It doesn’t matter whether you are a sucker for shoeswear a pairpack a pair. Wear the heaviest one and pack the lighter one.

8. Things that can be easily bought

Unless you are going to an extremely remote place, it’s pretty sure you’re going to find shaving soap, reusable water bottles, extra toiletries, and pretty much everything.

There’s no need to carry things that you can easily find at your destination. Buying things at your destination can also be a fun way to practice the language and get to socialize with the locals.

9. Hair Dryer

Don’t! Even the cheapest hotels nowadays have dryers in their bathrooms. If you are being hosted by a family then chances are high that they own one.

10. Bulky Towels

Always carry a small towel that can be easily packed. Carrying that big towel that you like just doesn’t make much sense. This will not only take a lot of space but will also take forever to dry.

A final thought…  Always try to travel light. Keep in mind that almost everything you’ll need will always be available for purchase at your destination or provided for by your hotel.



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