10 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

One of the common questions I get is how to travel alone as a woman. Maybe you’re afraid that being alone will make you a target, and your friends and family are telling you that heading out into this huge and scary world on your own is foolish.

While some of these concerns are valid, traveling alone as a woman is safer than you believe. Believe me, you will be okay if you plan everything beforehand.

Here are my top 10 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers.

1. Research where you are going.

An easy first rule to follow: Before you set out on a long trip, be sure you’ve done your homework. Plan and prepare for the cities and destinations that you are visiting, as well as the modes of transportation in these regions. Keep your eyes and ears open to your surroundings, learn a few words and key phrases of the natives, and learn to recognize some popular area scams that tourists may fall for.

Something else, thoroughly educating yourself about the destinations you’re visiting can make you aware of potential problems before you set out, and reduce the likelihood of unpleasant surprises or incidents occurring during your trip.

2. Make an attempt to fit in with the locals.

This relates to your trip study, but make sure you bring attire that will allow you to blend in with the locals
but not standing out too much. If you are visiting location where women dress modestly, such as the 
Middle East, you may want to cover yourself as well.
Even in the summer, several places restrict women from wearing shorts or tank tops. 
But, if you dress like this, be prepared to draw lot of stares and attention. 
Dress in non-touristy manner, and you should be ok!

3. Maintain a calm and confident demeanor.

I can’t stress this enough. Maintaining a calm and confident attitude will save you a lot of trouble. If you look confused, you’re more likely to become a target for attack. Even if you don’t know where you’re going, take a positive and steady step, simply walk. No matter where you go, just move forward until you have the time to find a quiet place to focus and make decisions.

4 Keep an eye on what’s going on around you.

Maintain constant vigilance and awareness of your surroundings. 
If you’re out on your own, especially late at night, avoid listening to music or staring down at your phone. 
Keep an eye on the people around you and firm grasp on your personal belongings if you’re in busy environment or riding public transportation.

5. Keep in touch.

While it is not ideal to disclose your location or travel route on social media, sharing this information 
with close friends and family can be useful in an emergency. 
recommend staying in touch with family and friends so they know you’re okay.
Let everyone know about your trip prior to leaving, and keep them informed of your progress while you are on it.

6. Keep an eye on the alcohol. 

It is ok to have couple of drinks, but becoming inebriated in foreign and unknown location could put you in danger and lead you astray.
If you decide to drink while traveling alone, keep watch on your drink at all times and refuse 
drinks that you couldn’t see being prepared.

7. Trust your instincts.

As a female traveler, trusting your instincts can help you avoid dangerous situations. Always pay heed if a small voice in the back of your head warns you that something isn’t right. You may have a gut feeling that something is not quite right with a person or that you are uneasy in a certain spot while traveling, trust your instincts and leave!

8. Carry decoy money.

Carry decoy cash in dummy wallet. 
It’s nice to keep most of your cash in your bra/money belt/wherever, but if someone demands cash from 
you and you don’t have any, they may become upset or even aggressive. 
always carry few tiny cash in my wallet and the larger amounts somewhere else just in case.


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